Changing the Design – Romanto-Terrorism (2016)

Changing the Design - Romanto-Terrorism (2016)
Artist: Changing the Design
Album: Romanto-Terrorism
Genre: Alternative Metal
Country: USA
Released: 2016
Quality: mp3, CBR 320 kbps

01. At the End of the Day (feat. Brian Walden)
02. Your Tragedy (feat. Brian Walden)
03. Romanto. Terrorism (feat. Brian Walden)
04. I’m Your Soldier (feat. Brian Walden)
05. Saving You
06. For the Record (feat. Brian Walden)
07. Feel (feat. Brian Walden)
08. 181 Degrees (feat. Brian Walden & Dr. Lawrence Davis)
09. Alone (feat. Brian Walden & Van Vinikow)
10. I Won’t Forget (feat. Brian Walden)
11. If You Want Me (feat. Brian Walden)
12. Samething (feat. Brian Walden)

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